This is a word we do not use often in everyday life anymore.

Woman praying in one of our prayer silos at the monastery.


It signifies an honest searching for and desire of doing God’s will. Through dedication to prayer, reading, and meditating on Scriptures, we can fine-tune our awareness of God’s presence in our lives. The process of discernment helps us to sift through our many questions, doubts, fears, desires.

It is great to have some accompaniment on this journey. A spiritual director can help with the sorting through. A vocation director will help to discern a vocation to religious life. Be assured, God will provide you with a way of knowing what to do!

Here are some helpful means of discernment:

  • Read and meditate on Scriptures daily. There are many websites out there which post the daily readings of the Church. You can also purchase a missalette.

  • Find a way of reflecting on Scriptures that fits you. Lectio Divina is the Benedictine approach.

  • Try practicing journaling.

  • Meet with a spiritual director regularly to discuss your journey.

  • Meet with a vocation director regularly to deepen your sensitivity to God’s call in your life. You may have a lot of questions about religious life that you need to ask to gain more clarity.

  • Attend vocation retreats; find our vocation events.

  • Get to know others who are also discerners. It is good to have peers to share with!

  • Find discernment resources.

  • Pray, pray, pray until your heart knows what to do!