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Catholic Religious Vocation Network:
This website is a treasure! Lots of info, questionnaires, anything you want to know about religious communities, discernment…you name it!

Catholic Nuns Today:
What is your idea of a Catholic nun? You are invited to learn about religious Catholic women (nuns) through this website. You will find that Our “habits” have changed, but not our mission. This site offers answers to many frequently asked questions about Catholic nuns today.

USCCB American Bishops:

Federation of St. Scholastica:
This website presents the 20 monasteries of Benedictine Sisters that form this federation.

A Nun’s Life:
“Discover and grow in our vocation” is the subtitle of this website. It offers different topics, discussions, and webcasts on religious life.

“Daily prayer on your mp3 player”—This website has daily meditations on the gospel or reading of the day. Audio files can be downloaded. This is a great help for exploring and practicing prayer with the Scriptures.